3 Steps



Step 3

Prepare to set Sail!

Information is gathered, goals and dreams discussed we then chart a course for your journey



Our Process

Step 1: We identify your needs, address your concerns, and set concrete goals that lead to financial freedom.
This is about your goals and concerns.

Step 2: We continue to get to know each other. We gather financial documents so we can get a clear view of your current financial picture.

Step 3: Everything in life carries risk. We identify a comfortable level of risk for you and use it to guide your investment decisions.
The "only guarantees are Death and Taxes" Ben Franklin.

Step 4: We take the information from Steps 1-3 and develop a detailed map that help to guide your financial decisions.
Often times there is a back and forth exchange to clarifying items from prior meetings.

Step 5: We review your financial map and make adjustments until it’s just how you envisioned.

Step 6: We develop an investment plan and identify potential solutions based on your financial map.

Step 7: We work to accomplish your goals as a team. If something is too big for our office to handle, we loop in other trusted professionals. All of us work together to accomplish your goals.