Sincere financial guidance through all life’s transitions. 

The only constant in life is change. Paul joined the financial services industry over 25 years ago. Today, Paul helps professional individuals—especially women and families with special needs—navigate through life’s transitions with confidence. 

Who We Are 

Founded in 2008, Intelligent Diversified Financial (I.D. Financial) is a financial services firm located in Bothell, Washington.

1. We’re fiduciary advisors. We’re passionate. We’re sincere. We relentlessly pursue your best interest.

2. We’re independent thinkers. We dive deep into the world of finance to find the best solutions for you and your family.

3. We break complex topics down into plain language. You don’t have to be an expert to work with us—you don’t even have to know the basics. We break things down in a way that empowers you to own your financial future.

Who We Help


Women face many financial challenges and need to prepare more. On average, women:

  • Tend to look after their health better
  • Live longer than men
  • May have taken time off for family members

This means women may have fewer years—and less money—to save for a longer retirement than their male counterparts. 

Paul specializes in helping you overcome these unique financial challenges so that you can live out your biggest passions without fear.   


Families With Special Needs 

Paul is the father of a darling son who has high-functioning autism.
He knows firsthand the struggles and concerns faced by families with special needs children.

Concerns like:

  • Loss of income if one parent stays home
  • High medical costs and non-covered expenses
  • Need for extra support, medical equipment,
    and specialty schooling

Paul helps families overcome and plan for these challenges through thoughtful special needs planning. 

To learn more about how we can help you and your family, contact us today